Wolf Girl by Anh Do

Book reviews from QBD readers…

Wolf Girl is an action-packed story set during a war. She is driven into the woods and finds a golden puppy. They survive the harsh climate and have epic adventures. It’s an engaging story with courage, sad moments, epic fight scenes, and moments that make you really happy. I give it 10/10. Read it and you are guaranteed to be hooked!”

– 11-year-old reader from QBD Mt Ommaney

A dystopian fairy tale for children aged 7-10 years, Anh Do’s latest novel Wolf Girl: Into The Wild follows the adventures of Gwen – a young girl separated from her family by an unknown tragedy.

Alone in the forest in the middle of the night, Gwen makes some new friends that are just as alone as she is: Puppy, a golden-haired wolf with a black patch on her forehead in the shape of a diamond; Nosey, a Labrador, who is patient and smart; Zip, a vision-impaired greyhound, Tiny, a fearless chihuahua, Brutus a black mastiff and Eagle.

I crawled onto the bank and collapsed, exhausted.
From the dirt, I looked up in amazement at four dogs staring down at me.
Was I dreaming? Had I gone mad? It all seemed very real.
‘You guys saved me!’ I said, as I sat up in my dripping clothes. ‘I owe you.’

Over time, this unlikely group become a pack, protecting one another and hunting together.

Gwen and Puppy become particularly close, and by the end of the book are best friends. While Gwen still doesn’t know what happened to her family, she is determined to find out.

While the dystopian nature of this book is a departure from all of Anh Do’s previous children’s novels and will appeal to an older audience, Wolf Girl: Into the Wild is a well-written, thrilling adventure. The vivid illustrations really open the book up to younger readers and the ending (no spoilers) will definitely leave fans wanting the next book ASAP.

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