The Wife and The Widow by Christian White

Vic and Chris weren’t the only ones to love The Wife and The Widow… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

The Wife

A woman clearly dedicated to her family, raising well-rounded kids and working as an equal partner with her husband to maintain a happy, healthy marriage…until events conspire to make her question the very foundations of her marriage and the idyllic island life she leads, when her husband is accused of murder.

The Widow

A woman forced to look at her marriage retrospectively when her husband is found murdered in a place he should not have been and having kept secrets she can’t explain.

Two women finding inner strength for very different reasons in order to find the truth in their lives and to move forward.

Christian White has written a dazzling book of intrigue and unexpected twists and turns. How are these men connected, how are the women going to find the truth? Keeping us hooked till the end. Could not put this one down.

– Linda from Belmont