Australia’s ultimate outer Great Barrier Reef trip

It’s an incredible full-day experience that lets you enjoy an outstanding range of interactive Great Barrier Reef Adventures.

The day-trip to the Cruise Whitsundays pontoon departs Airlie Beach and Hamilton Island every day, journeying past spectacular islands en route to the outer Great Barrier Reef.

Once at the reef, board a pontoon and explore the amazing underwater world of corals, fish and other marine life.

Snorkel Safari 

Discover the reef and its wonders by getting up close and personal. Small groups (of up to five people) are shown the group’s favourite parts of Hardy Reef.

During the 30-minute “snorkel safari,” you’ll learn how the reef was formed, how coral feeds, grows and breeds, as well as see some very special inhabitants – from parrotfish to magnificent anemones, cleaner wrasse and of course, anemone fish (Nemo!).

If you’re new to snorkelling, then a snorkel safari is also a terrific way to ease a few of those first-time nerves. A guide will be in the water with you the whole time, holding your hand if need be. If you’re a confident snorkeller, then you’ll find that the more you learn about the reef, the more fascinating everything you see becomes.

Port of Airlie

You can access the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands via the Port of Airlie, which delivers breathtaking views and offers marina berths, holiday accommodation, delicious restaurants, shopping and a maritime passenger terminal.