The Three Secret Cities by Matthew Reilly

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Jack is back!

When Jack West Jr. won the Great Games at the end of The Four Legendary Kingdoms, he threw the shadowy world of the four kingdoms into turmoil. And now, their leaders want revenge. With the end of the world rapidly approaching, Jack must solve the mystery of the Three Secret Cities – three astonishing cities, lost to legend. And because nothing is ever easy when it comes to the apocalypse, Jack must find these cities while being hunted by the greatest and most ruthless hunters in history… the Golden Eight.

The Three Secret Cities picks up right where The Four Legendary Kingdoms left off, putting the pedal to the metal immediately and never letting up. If you’ve read your way through this series, you’ll know that Matthew Reilly stories are high-octane, thrill-a-minute adventures, and The Three Secret Cities does not disappoint.

The Three Secret Cities takes Jack (and by extension, us) all around the world; racing against time from New York to London, and to Italy, Iceland and Gibraltar (to name a few!). Jack is not wanting for enemies after the events of The Four Legendary Kingdoms, and they range from old foes to new, modern bounty hunters to ancient warriors, all intent on exacting their revenge. All of Reilly’s signature trademarks are here; must-turn-the-page cliff-hangers, crazy stunts, impossible escapes, complicated puzzles, emotional moments, and a couple of good jokes. Readers are also treated to another fantastic cameo, especially rewarding to those readers who’ve enjoyed Reilly’s other books. And as always, it’s just really fun.

It’s amazing that five books in, Reilly continues to make Jack West Jr.’s story fresh and fun for the reader. Though there are definitely recognisable hallmarks in the plot of each book, Reilly always manages to come up with new threats, new dangers, and new weapons that keep the story interesting. And as with all of Reilly’s novels, The Three Secret Cities is superbly and meticulously researched. If you don’t believe me, Google literally anything in the book – I guarantee there will be a historical or mythological connection to the real world.

Overall, The Three Secret Cities is an energetic, action-packed, fun read, sure to please old and new Matthew Reilly fans alike.

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