The story of Cedar Glen Farmstay

Since the early 1900s, Cedar Glen has stood proud among the stunning country of The Lost World. Surrounded by the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park, it’s a pretty spot by all definitions of the word.

It has been in the Stephens family for four generations. Originally, Edgar Stephens was working in town, and got bored of his 9-to-5 job. So he moved the family out past Beaudesert, and bought up this prime patch of land.

Back then it was covered thick with rainforest and interestingly, local council would only let him take the land if he cleared it and made it profitable. How times have changed. It is nice to hear that most of the wood generated from the property went back into local buildings, and the cottages and homestead that still reside on the land.

Nowadays, Nigel and his wife Sabrina have taken the reins of Cedar Glen, offering guests to the property a farm-stay experience that is one of the most authentic going round.

From feeding farm animals, to whip cracking and boomerang throwing, even sitting down to billy tea prepared over the fire. Nigel offers guests a special, twilight treat: a 4×4 ride up to a beautiful ridge that looks over the property at sundown. It’s a perfect spot for a little champers, some nibbles, and a load of photos!

You can find Cedar Glen Farmstay off Kerry Road in Darlington, a bit over an hour-and-a-half from Brisbane.