The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh

Vic and Chris weren’t the only ones to love The Diamond Hunter by Fiona McIntosh… Here is a book review from the QBD crew:

An exquisite master class in storytelling. This enthralling and captivating story is a tale of love, trust, lies, betrayal, forgiveness and lifelong bonds that can withstand all. Set in the Victorian era – from England to Africa – depicting the ongoing struggle of class structure and one person’s pursuit of social justice to assist those who do not have, become the best they can be. A must-read!

– Sheridan from Tweed Heads

This amazing tale is the author’s best book to date. Set in Africa and England in the 1870s, this book finds its way into your heart from the very start, when 6-year-old Clementine loses her mother to malaria. This is her story, highlighting the bond she forms with her trusted Zulu companion. You will be absolutely transfixed with their journey together.  It’s truly an amazing story – a must-read.

– Colette from Kawana


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