The best coffee on the Sunshine Coast

Even the beautiful Sunshine Coast has its grey days – so when showers hit the sand, why not hit some of the coast’s coolest coffee dens instead?

The Pallet Espresso Bar at Mooloolaba is named for its quirky timber counter and furniture – handmade from recycled pallets by owner Johnie Stark.

Johnie also teaches barista skills and is a dab hand at amazing latte art. He creates all sorts of incredible crema designs – from seahorses to teddy bears.

When the weather turns bad, why not hightail it to the Sunshine Coast hinterland? Buderim is the coast’s oldest settlement and home to The Birds & Beans Espresso Bar, housed in a century-old servo.

The owner, Silas Hack, fell in love with the abandoned building and has transformed it into a community hub, oozing with retro charm and quality, locally-sourced coffee.

It takes more than a few sprinkles and grey skies to deter the surf set from hitting the water. And when they’ve finished riding the foam, there’s a frothy latte waiting at Compound Surf & Espresso in Coolum.

The brainchild of long-time surfing buddies, Abe & Aaron, Compound is both a café and op shop, selling pre-loved surfing fashion and gear for charitable purposes.

Even if you don’t hang ten, Compound is a cool place to hang out on a wet, windy day.

Rain, hail or shine – the Sunshine Coast is a fantastic destination. Check out Visit Sunshine Coast for plenty of accommodation and activity ideas.