Sammie O’Brien

Sammie once aspired to a career as a nurse – but it turns out medicine’s loss was lifestyle television’s gain.

Joining Queensland Weekender as our youngest team member ever, Sammie has grown to become one of the show’s best-loved presenters.

We put it down to her cheerful personality… warm smile… youthful vitality… and a natural ease with everyone she meets.

Since coming on board with the show, Sammie has expanded her presentation role to include major events, including the Channel 7 Brisbane Racing Carnival.

What’s something people may not know about you?

“After finishing high school, I lived in Europe for a while – and can speak Italian.”

What place or image sums up Queensland for you?

“A summer’s weekend on Moreton Bay – taking the family boat across to Peel Island with a group of mates; cooking dinner over a wood fire on the beach; and watching the sun set into the ocean. Bliss!”