Liz Cantor

Gidget’s got nothing on Queensland Weekender’s Liz Cantor.

As a teenager, Liz travelled the world as a competitive surfer – and her love of the ocean and the outdoors runs deep.

Put her in the Queensland sunshine – add a healthy dose of adrenalin-surging adventure – and Liz is as happy as a clam at high tide.

Lovely Liz is also a trained meteorologist; regular blogger; charity ambassador; proud Gold Coaster… and even prouder Mum.

What’s something people don’t generally know about you?

“I’m first generation Australian!  All my extended family are in Europe. My Dad was a passionate surfer and he decided, as a lifestyle choice, to raise his family in Australia.  So, he moved with my mum from the cold waters of Cornwall to the Sunshine Coast.  And shortly after, I came along – a born and bred Queenslander!”

“Everyone knows me as a surfer but I’m actually horse obsessed! I went to boarding school in Brisbane, so I spent my school years with a lot of country kids – visiting their properties during the holidays.”

What place or image sums up Queensland for you?

“I can only last one week, MAX, before I need the ocean!  Queensland to me means pristine beaches… a warm afternoon sea breeze… exploring national parks… discovering quirky animals… and falling asleep with ease in the evening because your day has been so full.” 

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