Kay McGrath

Kay’s been a long-time visitor into people’s lounge rooms.

As a pioneering television presenter, she’s relayed news from around the globe – and from around the corner.

Now that she’s joined the Queensland Weekender team, Kay can also share the good news about the state we live in:  that its incomparable beauty and memorable characters make it well worth exploring.

Kay’s fearless sense of adventure makes her a welcome addition to the show – but it’s her compassion that drives a deep commitment to social issues and charity work.

Kay also meditates daily and has completed her first level of Mindfulness training.

What’s something people may not know about you?

“I once trained with the great Mohammed Ali! As a cub reporter, I was assigned to interview him during a visit ‘down under’ and chose to do that while running beside him.”

“If television hadn’t worked out for me, I always fancied myself as a cabaret singer – think Joni Mitchell or Carole King. Thankfully, Channel 7 saved me from making a fool of myself!”

What place or image sums up Queensland for you?

“The aqua blue water, white wash and gleaming sands of Moreton Island… I try to get there at least once a year to restore and re-energize.”