Offroad Rush – the biggest rush on 4 wheels

On a small dirt track out the back of Ipswich, there’s a haven made for the dreams of any motorsport fan – a place where their greatest desires are possible – whether it’s hurtling yourself down a lane at over 400 km/h or spinning, sliding and burning down a dirt track in a Subaru WRX.

Offroad Rush is the lovechild of Chris Western, a rally car driver who has had his fair share of action during his day: 4 Class Championships in the Australian Off Road Championship Series, completing the iconic Finke Desert Race numerous times, as well as a career highlight, the 2014 Score International Baja 1000 in Mexico, the pinnacle of off-road racing from racers around the world.

A clear love for the sport, Chris’s passion is infectious.

“I get the same buzz every day than what I did the first year. The clients come away with that fun they’ve never done before, and that’s what it’s about.”

Driving a turbocharged Subaru WRX and flying around the track at speeds of 120 km/h, the action is adrenalin-inducing, to say the least. We recently sent Lee Carseldine along with his mate Kieron for a spin and pitted their new skills against each other.

Who conquered “Dead Man’s Corner”? Watch the video to find out.