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A unique look into the life of rock legend Michael Hutchence as written by his sister Tina.

After 20 years some of Michael’s closest friends reminisce about the man they knew, such as Ollie Olsen, Mark Opitz, Richard Lowenstein and childhood friend Tim Stewart. It also includes narratives about former girlfriends including Kylie Minogue, Helena Christensen and Paula Yates. All of this blends together to create an endearing picture of a …..man.

The outstanding account in the book looks at the events of 1992, when Michael sustained a traumatic head injury while out with Helena Christensen in Copenhagen. Having lost his sense of taste and smell, this changed his life forever and his mental health declined, eventually leading to his suicide in 1997.

I was captivated by the current research  on traumatic brain injuries Tina used to dig deeper into the effects it had on Michael’s behaviour in the 5 years after the injury was sustained, looking at how it may have effected his decision making and career. It really did make sense and explain the possible reasons behind him taking his life.

Overall, Michael: My Brother, Lost Boy of INXS is an engrossing read that describes a beautiful, fee-spirited poet, charismatic performer and enthusiastic father still adored by millions as an Australian rock icon today.

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