Going Under by Sonia Henry

Here is our book review from the QBD crew:

Kitty Holliday knows what she wants from life. She wants to be a great doctor, find a great husband and drink some great pinot gris on weekends with her friends. Now that she’s finally finished medical school, she’s well on her way to getting what she wants.

But Kitty is in for a rude shock: life on the ward is not at all what she expected. Her superiors hate her and make her life hell. Patients keep dying. Her hot surgical mentor is already married, and she is constantly exhausted from long hours and overwhelming stress. It’s just not turning out the way it should be. And then she finds out a secret with deadly consequences and isn’t sure who she can trust to share it with.

Sonia Henry’s debut novel is funny, dark and daring. It looks at the punishing conditions medical and surgical interns are put under, and doesn’t flinch away from the sometimes-brutal outcomes that occur when people can’t cope. The novel pulls no punches, looking at the toxic culture of bullying, infidelity, drugs, backstabbing and suicide that happens in hospitals the world over.

Kitty is a wonderfully nuanced character, whose flaws make her fantastically human – you will definitely find yourself cheering her on as she negotiates the world she finds herself in. A fantastic book for anyone with an interest in the medical industry, or anyone who just wants a wickedly funny but poignant read.

Shannon, QBD Mandurah

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