Whitsunday Bareboating

A bareboating holiday in the Whitsunday Islands is bucket list worthy! No formal sailing
qualifications are required, not even a boat license.

Our crew picked up a 44-foot catamaran from Go Bareboating! at Abell Point Marina in Airlie Beach.

Visitors can spend a week exploring Whitsunday Island alone. It’s the largest in the group.

Day 1
Sail from Abel Point Marina to overnight at Cid Harbour. Take a walk up to the top of
Whitsunday Peak for 360-degree views of the island. Then enjoy a BBQ back onboard while taking in a magic Whitsunday sunset.

Day 2
Cid Harbour to Hamilton Island. Overnight at Hamilton Island Marina. Enjoy sunset cocktails at One Tree Hill with amazing 360-degree views.

Day 3
Hamilton Island to Whitehaven. Anchor at Tongue Bay. Jump in the tender and explore
dazzling Whitehaven Beach. Take a walk up to Hill Inlet to the most photographed spot in Qld.

Day 4
Whitehaven to Hook Island. Anchor overnight at Butterfly Bay, one of the best snorkeling spots. It’s a popular spot offering coral outcrops with plenty of pretty fish.

Day 5
Butterfly Bay to Nara Inlet. Explore the little beaches that dot the banks of the inlet. Discover the Ngaro Cultural Site featuring ancient coastal cave paintings.

Day 6
Nara Inlet back to base. Return your catamaran to Go Bareboating! and book your next trip!

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