Sandgate, north of Brisbane, is a bayside suburb with a long history of attracting tourists. As early as the 1860s, Sandgate’s beachside cottages were listed as holiday rentals for just three pounds per week.

Much of Sandgate’s history has been preserved in its heritage-listed buildings. Though Shorncliffe Pier is virtually new, it replaces an original jetty that stood for an impressive 130 years. The modern incarnation remains Brisbane’s largest timber pier – stretching 350 metres into the bay.

You’ll find another happy mix of old and new at Hello Duckie – a cheery little Sandgate shop that’s stocked with heirloom treasures, including vintage clothes and a neat clutter of fine crockery. Hello Duckie also doubles as a coffee shop where you can enjoy an old-fashioned pot of tea and slice of cake.

For a change of pace, Padi’s Surf Connect Kitesurfing offers classes in this high-energy water-based sport. If you’ve ever wondered what it feels like to fly, kitesurfing might be for you! Padi’s can organise a range of fun water activities along the Sandgate waterfront.

Sandgate remains a lovely seaside destination – a popular spot for anglers and perfect for Friday evening fish and chips followed by a scenic stroll.

Hello Duckie
Second Avenue, Sandgate
0413 433 787