My QLD – Tracey Vieira

Tracey Vieira has headed up Screen Queensland for the past four years, and during that time has delivered great success for the company. Tracey is understandably proud of the fact that in Screen Queensland’s 26 year history, the last three have been the most successful.

Another thing Tracey is particularly proud of is Screen Queensland’s work around gender equality and diversity. Currently almost 80% of stories in Australia are written by men, and Screen Queensland sees the need to get more females into story telling and on our screens.

In addition to the economic benefits film and television production bring to Queensland, there’s also an obvious increase in community and cultural pride. Seeing our place, our home, and our voices and stories on screen is also a very important part of what Tracey and her team at Screen Queensland do.

When Tracey returned home to Brisbane she brought her American husband and three year old son with her. Her son is now seven, which provides the perfect opportunity to see and experience her home town through someone else’s eyes, and it’s been a joy to see how grown up and cosmopolitan Brisbane has become.

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