Experience Brisbane & Gold Coast craft beer with Hop On Brewery Tours

If you’ve gotten into the craft brewery scene, like the rest of Queensland has, then we can recommend a fun way to get around and experience the finest ales in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

The Hop On Brewery Tours team lives, breathes and drinks locally made, independent beers! Their aim is to introduce these crafty beers to the palates of everyday Australians and tourists alike.

If you needed any more reasons to want to join one of their tours (we doubt you do), we’ve jotted down a few of the perks when you join a guided tour:

1. No driving! You can sip and stroll your way through the tasting menu, without having to worry about driving to your next destination.

2. You get to discover new places! Familiar with the industry, your tour guide is bound to take you to places you may never have known existed.

3. Mingling with like-minded friends! What’s better than enjoying a cold ale? Enjoying a cold ale with friends! You can compare tasting notes, discuss your favourite beers or just have someone to cheers with.

4. It’s all-inclusive! There’s no need to whip out your wallet as these tours are all-inclusive. Full-day tours also include lunch. Yum!

5. They’re passionate and fun! Not only will you learn a thing or two about craft beer, you’ll also have a lot of fun doing so. Joslyn and Matt love what they do (hard to believe, we know!) and they love sharing their passion with others.

Make sure you head to the Hop On Brewery Tours site to book yourself onto one of their many tours! Go on, we know you want to.