10 Things You May Not Know about Boulia

Boulia is a remote outback town in central-west Queensland, that sits on the Burke River roughly between Bedourie and Winton. Last year we spent some time in Boulia on our way to the Big Red Bash and fell in love with the charm of the town. While we were there, we learnt some interesting facts… Let us know if you knew all ten!

1. The town of Boulia was established in 1879

The town of Boulia was established back in 1879. In 1876, it was founded as a goods and service centre for local graziers. A few years later, in 1879, 1280 acres of land was set aside for the township. The town was named by the local Pitta Pitta tribe after a nearby waterhole.

2. Boulia is haunted by Min Min lights

Did you know that Boulia is known for sightings of the mysterious Min Min lights? The spooky sightings are famed for tormenting tourists and locals since at least 1912. If you want to catch a glimpse of the lights, head to the Min Min Encounter Tourist Centre for a 45-minute animatronics show. It is an experience that you will not forget!

3. The town is home to the Boulia Desert Sands Camel Races

Mark 19-21 July 2019 in your calendars for the Boulia Desert Sands Camel Races this year! Boulia’s Camel Races are the longest camel races in Australia. Head along for what is guaranteed to be an absolute hoot! We recommended trying a camel burger while you are there.

4. There is a crater on Mars named after the town

How is this for a crazy fact – there is a crater on Mars named after Boulia and its red outback landscape.

5. The old police barracks are a great place to unwind and even fish

Hey Creek to Coast, here’s one we do not think you know – the Police Barracks on the Boulia to Selwyn road are a great place for catching yellow belly and redclaw. The Barracks no longer stand, but the waterhole is alone is reason enough to visit. Bendgeacca Creek just 10km out of town is another great waterhole to do a spot of fishing while you are on the road.

6. Boulia was once home to dinosaurs

Once upon a time, Boulia was part of the Eromanga Inland Sea. The sea was full of marine dinosaurs, who you can catch a glimpse of at the Marine Reptile Display.

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7. Boulia has a red stump

While many towns have a black stump, Boulia is the only town to have a red one to signal to travellers that they are heading into the Simpson Desert and need to be adequately prepared. Find it on the median strip near the Australian Hotel on Herbert Street.

8. You can travel back to the 1800s at the Boulia Heritage Complex

At the Boulia Heritage Complex, you can get a look into the past at historic farm machinery, pioneer history, Indigenous artefacts, medical equipment and inland sea fossils. The artefacts are displayed inside Boulia resident James Edwards Jones’ 1888 home.

 9. Boulia is only 200km from the Northern Territory border 

Did you know that Boulia is only 200km from the Northern Territory border, making it one of the most westernmost towns in Queensland?

10. You can stay at the most western weather station in Queensland

Urandangie is a unique Outback town in the Boulia Shire, founded in 1885. The station sits on the Georgina Stock route and was a popular place for drovers to stop in for a rest. Eventually, two stores, a school, dance hall, police station, pub and post office opened on the property to service the 100 mobs coming through the station during droving months. In the 1920s, several private residences popped up and by the 1940s, over 400 people lived in the area. Today, the Dangi Bush Resort is a fantastic spot to pull up for the night, whether that be to camp or stay at the pub. A meal at the Dangi Pub might just make the trip worth it alone!

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By Kate Nutting